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Gourmet gluten free cookies

Indulgence you can feel good about

Half Dozen


Chose from our assortment of fine cookies

Fresh soft and chewy gluten free* and vegan cookies, delivered right to your front door.  After you give these a try you will see why many people have said they are the best gluten free cookies they have ever had!

*while all our ingredients are gluten free, they are made in a facility that also produces products containing gluten

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about ~ Chef Brion

& his love of cookies

From a young age I have always loved baking cookies. At first I just threw things in a bowl and hoped for the best!

Eventually I discovered the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe and started making it all the time.  I may have ended up eating more of the dough than actual cookies... (shhh).

Today I still love cookies (and cookie dough) just as much as I did then, so I sought to create cookies reminiscent of cookie dough with ingredients I could feel good about eating.  I often found that gluten free or vegan cookies were missing something, so I set out to create a gluten free and vegan cookie with the texture and taste I'd grown to love. Now I can devour them and feel good about it - and you can too!

There is nothing better...
than time
with friends and family,

...except time where you are
also sharing cookies!

Our ingredients

High Quality, Natural and Organic

With us you can have a treat and feel good about it too!  We don't cut corners when it comes to quality.  All our products are made with gluten free ingredients with nothing artificial, and made with organic sugars, chocolate, nuts and coconut oil.  Each cookie comes in an individually sealed package that is home compostable made from renewable wood pulp.  

For those with high gluten sensitivities please see our disclaimer

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